A Statement from our President

This has been a banner year for both our region and OKI, and I am honored to welcome you to OKI’s Annual Report. From Amazon Prime locating its worldwide hub at CVG to the continued progress of the I-71/MLK Interchange, the energy across our eight-county region is palpable. This energy translates to economic success for the entire Tri-State.

OKI, founded more than 50 years ago, began with the mission to comply with the requirements of the 1962 Federal-Aid Highway Act to qualify our region for federal funds toward interstate highway planning and construction. Through the years, as regional planning became a prerequisite for the federal funding of projects other than transportation, OKI has expanded its activities.

Today, OKI operates as a public, non-profit organization. It assists its 117 members who represent governmental, social and civic groups from nearly 200 communities in addressing transportation planning. It also conducts air and water quality planning; promotes and facilitates ridesharing; coordinates intergovernmental review of federally-funded projects; provides technical assistance to member governments; maintains social and economic data for planning purposes and coordinates with state and federal agencies. Inherent in all of its functions, OKI is a forum for local governments to share transportation, environmental, economic and other challenges for which causes and solutions spread across political boundaries.

This report highlights how OKI continues to fulfill its mission of providing safe, reliable modes of transportation on behalf of our region. OKI approves hundreds of millions of dollars in projects every year, and we invest approximately $35 million in projects annually. In June 2016, OKI completed its update to the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, the region’s roadmap for the transportation programs and projects to be implemented over the next 20 plus years. This update reflects OKI’s commitment to community engagement, multimodal investment and technological innovation.

First-rate leadership has long defined OKI. Mark R. Policinski, entering his 14th year as Chief Executive Officer, strengthens this tradition. Mark has fostered a culture of collaboration, within which the diverse OKI board reaches consensus to get important projects in the ground faster. Also under Mark’s leadership, OKI’s annual luncheon has nearly doubled in size, making it a highly-anticipated networking event attended by the most influential leaders in our region.

OKI continues to engage, enhance, improve and lead the way as it serves two million residents in eight counties across three states. Together, we will continue to lead and execute important and challenging infrastructure and transportation projects.

I am thankful for your ongoing support, and I look forward to continued collaboration with the OKI board and staff to provide the leadership and guidance needed for our region.

Best Regards,

T.C. Rogers

2016 OKI Board Directors

Kevin J. Lynch

Kevin J. Lynch

Vice President

T.C. Rogers

T.C. Rogers

First Vice President

Kris Knochelmann

Kris Knochelmann

Second Vice President

Todd B. Portune

Todd B. Portune

Past President

Kenneth F. Reed

Kenneth F. Reed


Mark R. Policinski

Mark R. Policinski


Thomas C. Adamec

Andrew Aiello

John Armstrong

Robert Ashbrock

Nancy Atkinson

Timothy Bachman

Matthew Beamer

Craig Beckley

Dan Bell

Kenneth Bogard

James Bonsall

William Brayshaw

Greg Breetz

Robert M. Brown

Laura Brunner

Thomas Cahill

Irvin T. Callery

Tammy Campbell

Cindy Carpenter

Sherry Carran

Gregory W. Carson

Ashley Combs

Taylor Corbett

Steve Dana

Dennis P. Deters

Chris Dobrozsi

Sean Feeney

David C. Fehr

Beth Fennell

Dwight Ferrell

Cathy Flaig

Josh Gerth

David Ginsburg

Dennis Andrew Gordon

Charles Graves

Trey Grayson

Ralph B. Grieme, Jr.

Pamela Gross

Kathy Grossman

Tom Grossman

Jody Gunderson

Robert Hans

Kevin M. Hardman

Marjorie Harlow

Laurie Howland

Ted Hubbard

Marc Hult

Edwin H. Humphrey

Stephen Kaiser

Craig Keller

Roger Kerlin

Kris Knochelmann

Eric Kranz

Marty Lenhof

David Linnenberg

J. Todd Listerman

Kevin J. Lynch

Patrick J. Manger

David S. Mann

Christine Matacic

Larry Maxey

Mark McCormack

Candace S. McGraw

Jill P. Meyer

Gregory V. Meyers

Bryan Miller

Richard Miller

Chris Monzel

Jennifer Moody

Gary W. Moore

Liz Morris

Lawrence P. Mulligan, Jr.

Pamela E. Mullins

Kim Nachazel

Joseph Neary

Joseph Nienaber, Jr.

James T. O’Reilly

David Okum

Brian Painter

Steve Pendery

David Penque

Roger Peterman

Todd B. Portune

Robert Proud

William Rachford, Jr.

Kenneth F. Reed

Christopher Reinersman

Edward M. Riehl

Jeff Ritter

T. C. Rogers

Suzi Rubin

Sean Rugless

Jonathan D. Sams

Sal Santoro

Karl B. Schultz

Randy Shank

V. Anthony Simms-Howell

Pat Arnold South

Charles Southall

Michael Steur

James Sunderaus

Charles Tassell

Neil Tunison

James Ude

David H. Uible

Thomas Voss

Thomas Weidman

Mark S. Welch

Bernie Wessels

Gregory J. Wilkens

Bradley W.  Williams

Michael L. Williams

Stan C. Williams

Gary Winn

David G. Young